Once set in a rural desert environment in a welcoming atmosphere surrounded by the beauty of the Coachella Valley is where our Artist Retreat & Spiritual Healing Center @ Goldie’s Farm is located. This wonderful quiet and peaceful neighborhood is where you can experience a positive flow of energy on a daily basis and is believed by many to be true, because the Salton Sea is one of the lowest spots on the planet and is 138 feet below sea level.

Our mission as an Artist Retreat and Spiritual Healing Center focuses on attracting individuals, artists and healers from other parts of the state and the country to stay and create art, hold workshops and/or offer healing sessions. Our past artists, musicians, writers, actors, photographers, filmmakers and healers were encouraged to take advantage of the peace and healing energy at Goldie’s Farm and look forward to teaming up once again at Rancho Tepati in Mead Valley, Ca where Goldie’s Farm will be relocated in the Spring 2024.

As you can see…visitors enjoyed a variety of entertainment and a vast array of adult activities that ranged from training sessions & workshops that were designed to accommodate small & large groups and individual needs. To compliment the activity schedule we also offered day visits, overnight stays, weekend retreats, desert excursions and even short term sabbaticals. At Rancho Tepati in Mead Valley, CA we will offer many of these activities and more on the grounds of a new facility situated on 2.5 acres of sacred space.

Send Jacalyn a message if you would like to explore possibilities to visit us in the Spring 2024 at Rancho Tepati. Simply send a message to: tepati@goldiesfarm.com and Jacalyn will get back to you.

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