Our Roots

Artwork by Shayla

The story behind Goldie’s Farm Artist Retreat & Healing Center is based on a “real” life event that emerged after our dog “Goldie” enlisted the help of her Facebook friends to help her get a farm for Christmas. Though this may not seem possible, it is in fact a true story about a circle of friends that came from various backgrounds, and unknowingly became instrumental in providing context to a storyline that ultimately lead to an artist exhibition titled In Search of the Mago.” This performance-based body of work by Jacalyn was never intended to become an art project – it just did – and is documented on Goldie’s blog accessible via http://goodgirlgoldie.com and from the link at the bottom of this page.

Now, how exactly does all of this tie in with who are we? It’s quite simple, Goldie’s dreams and desires also became ours. Once we acquired the property in Salton City we named it Goldie’s Farm. Growing healthy organic plants, fruits, vegetables and medicinal crops was only the beginning of what we envisioned could become possible at “the farm.” In fact, from the first day we set foot on the property we knew it would one day become more than just a home for Goldie’s Farm. After all, the location was perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life as experienced in Los Angeles, Orange County and the greater Inland Empire that reaches as far as the Salton Sea. And, the more we became enamoured by the quiet, calmness of its surroundings, the blue skies, gorgeous sunsets and the star-filled nights, this space became the backdrop for creating a sanctuary for artists, musician, poets, dancers, creative thinkers and a spiritual healing space.

Today Goldie’s Farm Artist Retreat & Healing Center attracts like-minded individuals that possess a strong desire to participate in creative thought, diverse artistic practices, spiritual healing, meditation, overall wellness and a variety of training classes. The rest is history.

If you would like to take a tour, book a reservation, or host an event of your own, simply call (760) 501-8774 and leave a message or text a message.

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