Fundraiser Sponsors

Jacalyn AkaGoldie (co-owner of Goldie’s Farm) enjoys sharing her gifts and talents as a Cosmic Tepati and transmedia visual storyteller in public and private spaces. She has earned local, national and international acclaim for her art projects that explore art as therapy through the integration of diverse artistic practices. Her passion to heal the mind/body/spirit is best experienced as a deeply immersive, full-body listening experience that centers on the use of sound bath/singing bowls to help us relax, release tension, and raise our vibrations. 

Laura is a Mexican-born Chicana educator and writer living in the Inland Empire, Califas.  Although her love for literature and writing has been a life-long passion, she recognizes she is a late bloomer and is eager to share the long awaited writings and art projects stirring within.  Her works explore the connections that present themselves through the act of writing, body politics, borders, memory, and identity. As a visual artist and printmaker Laura creates unique t-shirt designs for the purpose of educating others on the importance of embracing one’s cultural heritage. Nahuatl Loteria t-shirts are exclusively presented as a limited series to Danza Azteca for their fundraising efforts.

Carlos Garcia (co-owner of Goldie’s Farm) is the new 2022 President Elect for the Rotary Mecca Binacional. His desire to introduce the arts as a healing platform has been exemplified in many of the plays he has written and produced for the stage. A retired drama teacher from Desert Mirage High School has